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28 Piece - Multipurpose Baby Safety Proofing Set

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Cabinet and fridge latches not only keep baby safe, but also keep them from making a mess. Corner and edge rubber protectors can even save a baby's life as bumps and falls are common in learning to crawl and walk.

Usage: Cabinet Doors, electrical plugs, doors, table edges, sharp edges, corners of walls, stairs, etc.
Material: Soft Plastic
Specification: 28pcs
Function: Multi Purpose baby protection around house
28 Piece Baby Proofing Kit:

INCLUDED: 6 x cabinet locks, 8 x corner guard, 2 x door stopper, 12 x outlet plugs, 1 x user guard.


Flexible, adjustable length strap works on both flat surfaces and around corners.

Extremely easy for adults to open with one hand but difficult for your little ones to figure out.

Perfect for keeping pets out of your drawers and cabinets too.

NO2.EDGE & CORNER GUARD: L shape NBR corner protectors with matt finish, effective shock dissipation.

Work better to absorb impact and protect your loved baby against painful bumps, injuries and bruises from sharp furniture corners.


It made of 50 degree EVA, harder and more flexible than normal brand for better springback and better protection.

Dimensions about 140X100X20cm, while normal brand is only 12mm thick, stronger against slammings and super durable.


It protect children from potentially dangerous open electrical outlets.

Easy pop-out tab for parent-only use, and it’ll also save your nails from chipping