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Baby Sleep System

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Comfortable, washable, and portable, these anti-roll baby pillows help baby breathe right at night by keeping them on their backs. They also shape their heads better as they grow and keep baby from rolling off the bed at night.

Material: 100% Cotton Velvet, cotton core
Age Range: 0-4 months
Weight: 0-1 pounds
Feature: Better position during sleep
Shape: Rectangle
Size: 31 x 40cm (12 x 15.7"inches), 1-3cm (0.4 x 1.1"inches) from top to bottom.
Features: Made of 100% cotton velvet, machine washable. Turn head tab & crib wedges.

The Fixed Positioner Baby Pillow keeps babies breathing right while asleep and from rolling off bed. 
The crib wedge is designed to help digestion and ease breathing and the air vent bumpers help keep your little one cool and snug.
Soft to the touch and also allows air to pass through to help reduce the risk of overheating.

Turn Head tab: (see left image) encourages caregivers to turn infant's head each night, helping to reduce the risk of flat head syndrome (Positional Plagiocephaly).

Ultimate Vent Sleep System is used for the recommended back sleeping position only.